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Business shirts color style guide

An office-going individual spends significant time and money selecting the appropriate business shirt to highlight one’s professional appearance. It is not easy to combine casual comfort with an exceptionally professional appearance. Choosing the proper one for your body type is the key to making an enigmatic impression at work. One of the best methods to make an everlasting impression in the company is to present yourself well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Choosing the appropriate business shirt colour plays a vital role.

Business Plus shirts are certain to provide its consumers with a one-of-a-kind and diverse choice of mens business shirts in a variety of colours. It is now entirely up to buyers to select their preferred options.

Gloweave Easy Care Easy Iron Plain Shirt

Colour preferences are strongly based on our emotional inclinations, but when it comes to the office, there is a need to step outside of one’s comfort zone and consider other options. A normal business shirt adds an unexpected element to one’s personality and appearance, and the appropriate colour outfit displays an optimistic image.

Trying out different business shirts

Business Plus Shirts is thrilled to provide so many styles, colours, and texture options from prominent brands such as Van Heusen and Gloweave for individuals to purchase and improve their office image. We have so many options for you to experiment with and find your colour. Here is a little note about the numerous colours of business shirts we have available to help our customers choose the proper colour. Please keep in mind that we also have a separate collection of both men’s business shirts as well as women’s business shirts that you can purchase online.

Business shirts in neutral colours

Neutral colours create a gentler look in the office, and accessorizing with rich colours is the secret to winning the neutral shade game. With the correct business shirt, you may look stylish and let your personality speak for your abilities and achievements. Keep in mind that bright colours in the office, such as yellow and orange, will never work. Go monochromatic or contrast; a business shirt colour can radically affect your entire appearance and attitude. Checkout our latest white business shirt collection at Business Plus shirts.

Importance of white business shirts

Business shirts in solid colours

Solid-coloured shirts, such as navy blue, black, and dark grey, present a very professional image at the office.  Keep in mind that a solid colour should not be overly accessorized, and just thin stripes will do. Remember to dress in a way that emphasizes your personality while never overshadowing your ability. We recently refreshed our solid colour shirt collection with the addition of black business shirts; make sure to check them out!

Trending business shirt colours

Colours express your emotions, and colour psychology plays a significant role in determining the best business shirt colour. With a vast number of colour options, a few of the most popular and evergreen business shirt colours to add to your wardrobe are:

Blue Striped business shirts: Blue striped shirts are perfectly acceptable in a business environment. It is a fairly simple pattern that represents power and has been a classic choice of business shirts for decades.

Ganton Gold Label in Multiple Sleeve Lengths

White button-down business shirts: This is a more casual version of the traditional white shirt, with a button-down collar that keeps the collar in place. They are ideal for when you need a break from the norm or want to project a slightly more casual, relaxed vibe. Our Ganton Gold label button-down collar classic fit is a perfect match for this choice.

Light pink business shirts: Pink being a fantastic and versatile colour, is often the preferred choice of business shirts for many. Pink shirts generally highlight a confident personality equipped with a professional look. Check out our Gloweave fine textured weave contemporary Fit shirt for this choice.

Along with colour, ensuring the proper fit is essential.

Business Plus Shirts is your one-stop shop for the latest business shirt colours and designs. Visit and shop now!


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