Humphrey Law Wool Blend Mens Socks

STYLE 86c07
Pricing Details $54.95 AUD or approx $41.21 USD

Size:     3 pair = 1 Item

Specify Color Combination:
Example: 1 item could be 1pr black 2 pr dark olive or 3pr black or 1pr navy 1 pr black 1pr dark olive or 2 items could be 6 black pr

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3 pair pack 

3 pair constitutes one item.

Humphrey Law 100% Australian Made Socks since 1947.

Fine Merino Wool 60% Polyamide 38% Elastine 2%  No Tight Elastic Health Sock stays up without restricting circulation. Choose any colour combination of socks in multiples of 3 please. 

Colours- Antelope, Dark Olive, Black, Navy and Charcoal.

Sizes- Reg Size to fit 6 to10 shoe and King Size to fit 10 to12 shoe