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Delivery Information

Postage Charges

FREE Delivery within Australia with no minimum purchase conditions.

Australia Post is mostly used for delivery for domestic and overseas deliveries.
Couriers are also used where are suppliers choose couriers.

Delivery time within Australia can vary from 3 to 8 working days depending on your location from Melbourne or Sydney

Some delivery times can be longer due to one major suppliaer located in Auckland NZ

If an item is temporarily out of stock we will email you and ETA

Our fastest supplier is Gloweave who wil dispatch the same day or the next day.



Amounts are calculated to a flat rate.

Delivery time can be up to 2 weeks depending on your location.

  • New Zealand
  • A$14.50 for one item
  • A$26.00 for two or more items
Exchange Rate

All transactions are in Australian dollars.

Your card will be charged in Australian dollars, and your credit card statement will show the charge in Australian dollars, as well as your local currency.

Your receipt and eftpos transaction will be in Australian dollars.

The exact exchange rate used is determined by your credit card company when they process the transaction. This varies daily, but you can get an indication of the current exchange rate by visiting here