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Measuring and Sizes

Shirt Sizes Australia

At  Business Shirts Plus we have shirt sizes from 37cm neck to 60cm neck.

Sizes 37cm to 46cm select any shirt page eg European Fit

Sizes 47cm to 60cm selsct our Big Mens shirt page

For a choice of sleeve lengths select Multiple Sleeve Lengths

How to Measure Sleeve Length and Neck

Option A

Measure neck leaving enough space to put two fingers between your neck and the tape measure. Measure your sleeve length (as per the diagram above) Start at the centre of the back of the neck, follow the shoulder line, then down along the sleeve and stop where it meets your hand.

Option B

Use your best fitting shirt and measure the collar from the middle of the button hole to the thread stalk of the button. For Sleeve length, measure your shirt as per the diagram in Option A above.

See our website blog for additional info

Shirt Size Chart

Shirt sizes available from Ganton Shirts Size Chart and Van Heusen Size Chart

Shirt Sleeve
Ganton Sleeve Lengths
Van Heusen Sleeve Lenghts