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Pierre Cardin Suits

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Slim Fit Suits by Pierre Cardin in wool and wool blend fabrics and the most popular colour choice. Fittings are in regular, short and long from size 88cm to 120cm for Jackets and 76cm to 112cm for Pants. To attain the best size match Jacket and Pant are purchased as two items and this delivers a 15% saving on prices listed.

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Pierre Cardin Suits

Wearing a suit is the most common attire in the workplace in the corporate environment in Australia. And the brand Pierre Cardin is well known in the market.
Buy Pierre Cardin trouser and suit and save.
We are a men’s wear online store and along with the suit, you can also buy men’s business shirts online.
Also, check out our womens business suit and ladies business shirts range.


Pierre Cardin Suits

Pierre Cardin established his namesake brand in 1950 with womens fahion and introduced menswear in 1958. Since that time Pierre Cardin has remained a force in fashion evolving through the decades and covering the globe with his brand, a French fashion designer that has survived the test of time with on trend fashion and attention to quality.


Q. What makes a cheap suit?

A. There are three major factors, what the suit is made of, the quality of make and the fit. The cheapest suit is fully synthetic ie polyester/ viscose shell with polyester lining, a $200 suit. A jump in price will get you a wool blend or pure wool suit say $400 and up. Top quality suit $1000 to $2500 you would expect a natural fibre shell, Bemburg lining and some hand stiitched features on lapel and button holes. Designer label suits ie Gucci $6000.

Q. What is Bemberg lining?

A. Bemberg is a famous brand developed by the Japanese which is renowned as a quality lining for clothing. It is in fact cupro a mix of wood fibre and cotton by products. The end result is a lining that is breathable, anti static, strong, silky smooth and bio degradable.