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Mens Chino Pants

Cotton chino pants are made from 100% cotton or cotton with 2 or 3 percent spandex or elastane for stretch. The stretch factor makes for increased comfort and helps particularly with the slimmer leg line styles of today. Feautured are five brands, Bracks for the more mature guy. Van Heusen for the intermediate consumer and Brooksfield, City Club and Gloweave with a slimer leg for that todays fashion.

Cord Pants

Chinos are caual pants, so too are mens cords, hence our quality 12 wale rib cords from City Club. They are stretch cord pants in a regular fit and a choice of seven colours.

Bracks and City Club pants are available in Regular and Short fittings and waist size from 77cm to 122cm

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City Club
City Club City Club Comfort Stretch Chino

$99.95 AUD

Comfort Stretch Chino Stretch Waist Tan, Navy, Black Sand Slim Fit

Gloweave Stretch Chino Skinny Leg

$99.95 AUD

Comfort Stretch Chino 97% Cotton 3% Spandex in Five Colours

City Club
City Club City Club Cotton Stretch Twill Pant

$79.95 AUD

Was $109.95 Stretch Twill Chino Navy, Black Slim Fit Sizes 77cm to 122cm

City Club
City Club City Club Stretch Moleskin Sateen Chino

$119.95 AUD

Premium Quality Smooth Moleskin Stretch Sateen Chino Slim Fit

Brooksfield Brooksfield Cotton Stretch Side Pocket Chino

$99.95 AUD

Cotton Stretch Side Pocket Chino Tan, Navy, Olive. Slim Leg Styling

City Club
City Club City Club Flexi Waist Quality Stretch Chino

$129.95 AUD

Flex Waist Cotton Stretch Chino in Four Great Colours Modern Fit

City Club
City Club City Club Comfort Stretch Cord Pant

$139.95 AUD

Quality Stretch Cords 5 Colours with Flexi Waist in Regular Fit

Chino Pants for Men

Chino is a name that today is broadly used to name a casual cotton pant it is not a specfic weave these days. Although it would have been a twiil or drill weave used for the army in pre World War One era and coloured kahki for camoflarge. In that era they were called Khaki's. People today use the term chinos or chino pants, which ever, they are simply made of cotton.

Chinos Pants

What has happened is that USA mens clothing brand names have hooked on the word Chino back in the 1980's and made it a generic brand to market as something special rather than saying a cotton casual trouser it gave the cotton kahkis an updated identity, Chino!

Mens Chinos Online

Buy everyday men’s chinos pants from Business Shirts Online and get up to 25% off when you will buy four items from any category from our website.

Whether you wear Chinos for work or casually every day, we have an extensive range of men’s chinos online.

If you are looking to get slightly more towards formal attire then you can buy mens dress pants and pair them with business shirts to get the desired look.

Shop Mens Chinos by Brand

At Business Shirts Plus, we bring the best brands for you to choose from online.
City Club Chinos

City Club chinos are one of the most popular brands online and also have a diverse range of sizes to fit all shapes. City Club chino pants a must.


Bracks are also a popular men’s chinos brand we sell online. The brand has its own customer base, if you are looking to buy a popular range of chinos then you may consider this brand as your choice.


The Brooksfield brand is famous for its business shirts and some may like to pair the same brand shirts and chinos and we have the perfect match for you if you would like to buy Brooksfirld men’s chinos and the dress shirts.

Van Heusen

We have a huge collection of Van Heusen shirts online and due to the popularity, we also have Van Heusen Chinos on our website which you can purchase online.

Mens Chinos Pants


Q. Where does the word chino come from?

A. There are different points of view on this, no view is a complete fact. A popular view is that in the southern states of USA and Mexico where cotton growing is epic, the Spanish / Mexican word for cotton, possibly as a slang term was chino. The exact translaion for cotton in Spanish femine form is china and masculine form algodon. The Spanish pronunciation of china sounds like chino.

Q. Where can I find a non iron chino?

A. They were readily available in the distant past, however although they did perform well as a non iron pant they did not last well as the chemical treatment applied greatly diminished the life span of the pant. Fraying would appear particulary at the folded edge of the cuff of the pant.