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Measuring and Sizes


Gloweave Womens Shirt Size Chart

Gloweave have a substantial amount of womens shirts out in the business workforce and to compliment that volume there are three body fit variations. Firstly Career Fit which is the roomiest of the three fits. Secondly, Cafr Fit which is slightly slimmer and lastly a Slim Fit for the more youthful appearance. Each three fits have front and back darts to compliment a womans figure. Illustrated below are long sleeve shirts, however, three quarter length sleeves and short sleeves are available too.

gloweave womens size chart

Ladies Shirt Size Chart

Ladies sizes are less complicated than mens as it is just numbered size 6 to size 26 whether it is tops or bottoms. The difference comes from different interpretations of what is a size 10 for example. Each brand has a different take on the correct size. The graph below gives the persons actual measurement in centimetres of bust and waist and what numbered size Gloweave match to it. From that, consider if you want your shirt loose - Career Fit or middle of the road - Cafe Fit or a tighter fit being - Slim Fit. gloweave womens fit guide