Business Shirts

Business Shirts are the uniform of the "white collar" worker and the shirt is a background for a tie and together form a personality profile of yourself. With your business shirt and tie you will convey one or more of these personality attributes; conservatism, bold and outgoing, fahionability, unfashionable, tidiness, untidiness, prudence, extravagance, dominance (power dressing) What personality image do you want to project ?

Mens Business Shirts

Attention to detail is needed to impress, consider if your sleeve length is too long or too short, is your shirt collar gaping or perhaps not laying down the way it should, does your shirt need a decent ironing ? Do not wear a shirt that has a stain, small or not, because you can bet people will definitely notice! Mens business shirts and ties definitely project professionalism. 

Womens Business Shirts 

Styling choice of short sleeve, three quarter sleeve or long sleeve is the first choice of a corporate look for womens business shirts .Today there is a lot more on offer as mens business shirt makers have picked up on the need for women holding more and more coporate postions. As women have a more natural tendency for fashion, what looks good for business and what suits them and women are more likely to seek their friends opinion I feel little advice is needed when it comes to choice. 

Business Shirts Online 
In todays world buying online is really easy with plenty of choice, from tailor made to famous brands to unknown brands from unwanted shirts on eBay to expensive designer brands. If you are in the coporate world you will come to know what your taste is in business shirts and you wont have to leave your desk to get them, delivered free by buying business shirts online

What is of importance to you ? Is it quality shirts, cotton shirts, a classic fit, a european fit, a slim fit, shorter or longer sleeve lengths, colour, collar style, french cuffs, designer brand like Calvin Klein or is it only price ! In a hot climate then short sleeve shirts are popular.

Many of our shirt sales come from small to medium corporate orders, hence we have a page devoted to corporate shirts where men and womens shirts share the same fabric.

As a general rule quality comes at a cost, so you can expect to pay more for high grade cotton fabrics, pattern fabrics are dearer than plains and the higher number of stitches per centimeter the better.The way the collar is made is very important as this needs to stand up well and accommodate the tie so therefore the internal construction of the collar, the interlinings, the shirt stays, need to come together to make a firm but comfortable collar. Ganton shirts are our highest quality label and hence they are also the most expensive.

Brand can be important as the ones that have survived, have survived for a reason, firstly they are pitched at a target audience that can be down, middle or up market or to the young or mature market. Of course they need to be marketed well and the price must relate to the quality.Yes to a degree a small amount is for the brand name itself but put that down to a "guarantee of standard" for the shirts. Expensive high fashion brands can command high prices because they are considered fashion leaders, not followers and some people like to wear the latest fashion and show they are successfull enough to afford them. Van Heusen is our biggest selling brand.

Buyer beware of consistent claims of 60, 70 or 80% off. It is logical you can not run a business on that sort of discount unless your quoted full price is highly exaggerated to a price that nobody pays. Australian law insists on proof that your have sold commercial quantities at full price before you can claim a genuine discount. Exceptions could be old or oddment shirts but remember they can not have been the best sellers as those are all sold. The very best selling shirt styles remain on consistent supply known in the trade as "stock service lines". 

Yeap, we come in all shapes and sizes and with a business shirt we need to start with the neck, on our website we offer 37cm to 56cm neck. For body shape todays fashion is to show a slimmer silhouette therefore three general fits have evolved, slim fit the slimest then european, contemporary or tailored for a mid range fit and lastly classic or full fit as the most generous. Van Heusen and Ganton brands offer a consistant supply of sleeve length choices. 

Colour and Style 
The most popular shirt is a white shirt and any colour tie will match especially these days where suits are navy charcoal or black which offer a non conflicting background. Style, can also be french cuff shirts as they look impressive and well dressed. Collars are wider spread today some quite extreme. 

Cotton rich is a term that simply means a greater percentage of cotton than synthetic and today they are the bulk of shirts sold primarimly because most are easy iron and people prefer a natural fibre like cotton.100% cottons are sometimes easy iron but often not. Shirts with higher synthetic than cotton can be cheaper to buy and quiker to dry after washing but beware of static electricity. 

Who to buy from 
Us of course, we offer quality brands Free Delivery and savings based on the more you buy the more you save !

At Business Shirts Plus we hope all your questions have been answered about what shirt you might be looking for and you feel comfortable about buying online. We know our quality brands are successfull and trust that our extensive size range will fit you perfectly. You can save time as well as money by purchasing online, please take advantage of our free delivery and competitive pricing offer and note there is a Plus when buying from Business Shirts Plus.