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Dress Shirts / Tuxedo Shirts

Dress Shirts are also called a Tuxedo Shirt or Formal Shirt as well as a Dinner Shirt

Going to a formal occasion?  Better to buy a new shirt and get your correct fit, rather than hire a used shirt. Van Heusen have a Classic Fit or a European Fit. Ganton Shirts are a premium quality dress shirt hence the higher price.

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Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Pleated White Dinner Shirt Euro Fit

$89.95 AUD

Pleated Front French Cuff White Dress Shirt Euro-Taiored Fit

Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Wing Collar Dress Shirt

$89.95 AUD

Wing Collar Pleated Front Poly / Cotton White in Classic Fit

Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Marcella Front Dress Shirt

$89.95 AUD

Spread Collar Marcella Front 100% Pure Cotton European Fit

Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Marcella Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt

$89.95 AUD

Wing Collar Marcella Front 100% Cotton French Cuffs European Fit

Brooksfield Brooksfield Pleated Front Dress Shirt

$99.95 AUD

100% Cotton Pleated Panel, Fly Front Regular Collar Slim Fit

Ganton Ganton Pleat Front Dress Shirt

$139.95 AUD

Pleat Front Pure Cotton Shirt in Choice of Sleeve Lengths Classic Fit

Dress Shirts

Most dress shirts have a pleated bib front or a honeycomb effect bib front called a Marcella Front, the choice is purley to your own taste. The collar is a choice between a wing collar or a peak collar which today is a peak collar more spread out than the past, so now called a spread collar. I would say 95% of formal dress shirts are white, however a fomal wear specialist may stock some coloured ones.