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Mens Jumpers

Jumpers come in many styles, crew neck, v-neck, zip neck etc. Our choice are some moderately priced City Club styles. City Club are famous for their comprehensive range of mens trousers and now are confidently producing mens knitwear. We also have a Van Heusen 100% Cotton V Neck jumper reduced.

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Mens Jumpers Online

In Australia, jumpers are very common to wear at work as well as casually. Business Shirts Plus have different styles and brands of men’s jumpers which you can purchase online.

In places like Melbourne, Sydney where the temperature drops significantly during winter and even in summer weather changes regularly and hence the use of jumpers are very popular as they are light to wear and easy to maintain.

Currently, we have Van Heusen and City Club men’s jumpers available in our online store.

You can choose from a range of different colours like blue, camel, black, navy and more.

Jumpers over a Shirt

Jumpers go really well with shirts, however, some men prefer to wear t-shirts under the jumpers. You can buy the best quality dress shirts online from us.

Wearing a shirt under the jumper and letting the collar and cuffs show is a much neater look that you can achieve.

Get the complete look, buy men’s jumpers online along with business shirts and trousers from Business Shirts Plus.

Mens Jumpers Design & Style

V-shape neck jumpers are one of the most popular to wear over a shirt as it shows more of your shirt. Also if you are wearing a suit and tie choose a fine gauge v neck jumper.

The round neck style is very popular too but perhaps a bit more casual.

Zip neck is also popular and having a collar keeps your neck warm.

No matter which style takes your fancy build-up to any four or more items over our entire website to attract a 25% saving.

Mens Jumpers