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Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo Shirts are also called a Formal Shirt or a Dinner Shirt

Going to a formal occasion?  Better to buy a new shirt and get your correct fit, rather than hire a used shirt. Van Heusen have a marcellar front cotton European Tailored Fit dinner shirt. Ganton formal shirts are a premium quality tuxedo shirt hence the higher price and are available in Slim,Tailored and Classic Fits with pleated fronts. Plus a choice of sleeve lengths in classic and tailored shirts.

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Formal Shirts

Most formal shirts for men have a pleated bib front or a honeycomb effect bib front called a Marcella Front, the choice is purley to your own taste. The collar is a choice between a wing collar or a peak collar which today is a peak collar more spread out than the past, so now called a spread collar. I would say 95% of formal dress shirts are white, however a fomal wear specialist may stock some coloured ones.

Tuxedo Shirts

Tuxedo Shirts Online

At Business Shirts Plus we have something for everyone. You can buy the best quality tuxedo shirts online and get it delivered for free.

We have the range to make your formal wear or dinner dress shirt, a special one with premium quality tuxedo shirts.

As premium shirts come with a price tag, you can get fantastic saving when you purchase multiple items. Get 25% off when you buy four or more items.

Tuxedo Shirts Brands

In our store, we have Van Heusen and Ganton tuxedo shirts to be purchased.

There is no better option than choosing tuxedo for a formal occasion as it can bring the “WOW factor” to your dress.

Tuxedo Shirts Costs

The cost of tuxedo shirts is on the higher range considering it is more complicated with expensive fabric detailing. In our online store, we have $70 to $140+ mark range shirts.


Can I wear tuxedo Shirts at work regularly?

A: Only if it is plain fabric, no front pleats, no bib front.

When should you not wear Tuxedo?

A: Any occasion that is not strictly formal.

What occasion do you wear a tuxedo?

A: Formal occasions, member of the wedding party.

Is dinner suit the same as a tuxedo?

A: Yes, they both relate to a formal occasion.