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Mens Socks

Since 1947 Humphrey Law have produced premium Australian Made Socks and here you can create your own combination 3 Pair Pack for $54.95 (= $18.32 each ) plus more savings when you buy multiple items across our website. You can also mix your sock colour choice when making a selection of Humphrey Law Health Socks

Please note, Department store prices Wool Blend $22.95 ea and Cotton Blend $21.95 ea

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Humphrey Law
Humphrey Law Humphrey Law Cotton Blend Mens Socks

$54.95 AUD

------- 3 Pack Price -------- 85% Mercerised Cotton Health Sock in 7 Colours

Humphrey Law
Humphrey Law Humphrey Law Wool Blend Mens Socks

$54.95 AUD

------- 3 Pack Price ------- 60% Highlands Wool Health Sock Five Colours

Australian Made Socks | Humphrey Law Socks

In the clothing industry it is a rarity to find something made in Australia, so we are happy to support quality Australian made socks like Humphrey Law. We feature their top sellers, however they do produce a vast range of mens and womens socks.

The Health Sock was trademarked by Humphrey Law in 1984 and from then on other sock manufactures have tried to come up with their version. We should all wear a Health Sock, after all who wants their ankles strangled by a sock.

The Fine Merino Wool used is a selected fibre of strong 19.5 micron merino fleece which comes from the Wool Connect group of farmers within New South Wales. A major benefit is that the merino wool has a 98% comfort factor so it does not itch or prickle sensitive skin. The author wears the merino blend sock as it is great for absorbing moisture from your feet.

Here is a video link showing how Humphrey Law make their quality socks