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Mens Polo Shirts

The City Club polo defines smart casual, a colourful range of high quality mens polos in 100% cotton pique, or 95% cotton with 5% spandex for stretch. Plus a light weight viscose and cotton jaquard polo. These quality mens polos make a wonderful gift ! Also available is a basic Van Heusen pique polo 60% cotton 40% Polyester for casual day wear.

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Van Heusen
Van Heusen Classic Fit Mens Polo Shirt

$49.95 AUD

Plain Pique Polo in Black and Navy. Cotton/Poly Classic Fit

City Club
City Club City Club Plain Pique Polo Regular Fit

$59.95 AUD

Pique Cotton 95% Cotton 5% Spandex for Stretch Regular Fit

City Club
City Club City Club 100% Pique Cotton Polo Regular Fit

$69.95 AUD

100% Pique Cotton Contrast Trim Coral Cobalt Navy Black Regular Fit

City Club
City Club City Club Polo Fine Jaquard Stripe Regular Fit

$89.95 AUD

Lightweight and Soft to Wear Jaquard Striped Polo Regular Fit

Polo Shirts Online

What does double mercerised cotton mean ? Well what it gives you is a cotton shirt that feels silky smooth, together with enhanced strength and luster, plus, a resistance to mildew and shrinkage. The only negitive is it is less absorbant than non mercerised cotton polo such as your basic pique weave cotton polo. So the point here is use your basic polo for general day wear, but when you want look good and feel good, go to a good restaurant choose double mercerised. Explore big men shirts if you need a change from Polo shirts. You can also buy mens chinos to go with your Polo shirts online.

Mens Polo Shirts

From a technical point of view the cotton is chemically treated with sodium hydroxide and neutralsed in a acid bath, later a naked flame is used to singe off stray fibres from the yarn.

If you need all the history and fine details see wikapedia