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Mens Suits

Van Heusen Suits, Bracks Suit, Gloweave Washable Suit

Slim Fit Suits are today's fashion for men's suits, however, not everyone can wear them. When buying business suits online the first consideration is your body type. Do you consider yourself slim in stature or of a regular build, or thirdly do you see yourself as a heavy set or solid. In the same sequence that will translate to Slim Fit, European Fit and Classic Fit. The second consideration when deciding on business suits for men is your height are you Short, Regular or Long (Tall)

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Bracks Bracks Plain Black or Navy Mens Suits

$199.00 AUD

Bracks Plain Twill Weave Black or Navy Suit Jacket Classic Fit

Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Blue Mens Suits

$345.00 AUD

55% Wool Stretch Suit Jacket Blue Slim Fit. Suit Net Price $424.15

Gloweave Gloweave Washable Mens Suits

$279.00 AUD

Machine Washable Suit Jacket Side Vents in Charcoal Black and Navy

Van Heusen
Van Heusen Van Heusen Classic Fit Mens Suits

$299.00 AUD

Wool Blend Suit Jacket in Black or Charcoal in a Classic Fit

Business Suits Online

Suit Seperate suits allow you to choose a smaller or larger pant, which means getting the right fit a bit easier when buying mens suits online. We are aware some customers may confirm their size by trying suits on in a store nearby, if you are unsure perhaps this is an option to confirm your size. Also view our womens suirts range.

Mens Suits Online

Buy premium quality mens suits online at business shirts plus and save.

You can get up to 25% off when you buy multiple items including suits, shirts, trousers and more.

The Collection

We have the slim fit suit option and also if you are looking for big men suits.

You can choose from a range of different brands like Van Heusen, Gloweave, Calvin Klien, Bracks etc.

You can also choose to buy mens suits of different colours like Black, Navy, Charcoal online.

Business Shirts Plus

The brand Business Shirts Plus has been very popular in Australia for nearly 20 years and offers customers the best range of shirts, trousers, suits and accessories online.

While our price focus is to offer the best range of business shirts online, we also have selected mens suits.

We also have selected mens blazers if you may need to dress semi-formal then checkout our collection and pair with quality dress shirts.

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